Volunteers are the heartbeat of Special Olympics Toledo Public.  From coordinator to coaches helpers, volunteers fill each position.  


Volunteers fill every position at SOTP, from coordinator, coaches, coaches helpers, event officials, directors and Unified Partners. Volunteers need to complete a Volunteer Application form that is sent to Special Olympics Ohio office for acceptance.  

Volunteers can also volunteer as Unified Partners.  This can be anyone who is not 'eligible' to be a Special Olympics Athlete.  Volunteers can participate  as athletes in many sports along with the Special Olympics Athletes.  The requirement depends on the sport.  For our team sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football we would like partners who are the same age range as our SO athletes. Our athletes can range from 8 to 21 years old.  Our sports like Golf and Bowling, we may have Unified partners who would could be older than the athlete so they serve as a volunteer who might help teach them the game and etiquette of the sports.   Unified partners are asked to make a firm commitment to train and compete with their partner.

 You can also make a donation by clicking the button “Support Us Today.”

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